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[Members Area] Rankings Insitute Review – See Inside…

If you’re wondering if the Rankings Institute program is any good, or if the techniques that Andrew Hansen and Alex Miller teach actually work, then you’re going to want to take a couple of minutes to look at this members area review for the Rankings Institute course.

There is a LOT of content inside, so to save you from boredom, I’m just going to quickly go through a few of the modules in the members area review so that you can see how thorough this content actually is.

It’s also worth noting that besides the content in the course, there are actually other benefits to being a member of the Rankings Institute such as these below:

Member Benefits

– Rankings Institute Private Club where you can interact with high level search engine marketers from around the world, getting advice and collaborating for maximum results.

– Done For You Link Building Package: Highest value backlinks built by our team, to any website you choose, completely free. (This could save you more than the cost of entry alone when used properly)

– Access to the Rankings Institute’s own outsource team, to get any part of the SEO process done for you.

– Personal email access to Andrew & Alex for private guidance and coaching.

– Be placed into your own group of 10 motivated Rankings Institute members that you’ll connect with via email to share advice, and resources.

The Good:

– The course is extremely detailed.  I like how everything is broken down into small bite-size chunks so that you can follow along at your own pace.  Sometimes you only have 10 minutes to watch a video.  So this way you can watch one at a time if you need to, or several if you have more.

– Action steps for each module.  I hate when you get a course that gives you so much information but at the end you’re just left scratching your head wondering, “What do I do next?”.  Thankfully with the Rankings Institute you get action steps for each module so you have a clear picture of where you’re headed.

– Interaction with Andrew and Alex.  These guys are friggin smart when it comes to SEO, and having the ability to be able to ask them questions personally is a massive value for me.  Sometimes new concepts can be hard to explain in the same way to everyone, so at least this way, if you get stuck, or aren’t sure, they’ll actually help you out.  Having dealt with Andrew before, I know if you’re stuck, he’ll go above and beyond to get you unstuck fast.

– Done for you services: With the Rankings Institute you’ll also get some of the “done for you” linkbuilding to your websites, completed by Andrew and Alex’s team – at no cost to you.  This is something I’ve never seen offered before, and again, just goes to show how confident they are in this training.

– There were a couple of other things I wanted to mention too, but this review is getting kinda long.  Hopefully though you can take a look for yourself and see.

The Bad:

Truthfully, this is a really substantial course, and it covers everything you ever need to know about getting free traffic from search engine optimization.

The first of two problems that I see with this, is that Google isn’t the internet.

True, it counts for quite a bit (roughly 25% of all web traffic according to a recent CNET report).

However, that still means that there is over 75% of web traffic that DOESN’T go via Google.

So if you’re just focusing on Google, you’re missing out on a huge portion of traffic.

Not only that, but there are a ton of OFFLINE ways to get visitors to an online website – many of these are extremely powerful and have little competition.  (If you want more information on this, make sure to check out our limited Rankings Institute bonus package)

Secondly, this course assumes that you have a profitable website to send that traffic to.

Many marketers that I know do not even have their own products, and promote just affiliate offers.

Unfortunately, that’s not how you build a long term business.

If you’re just promoting someone else’s product as an affiliate, you’re getting maybe 50% of the profits on a front end sale.

So the product owner gets 50% and does nothing.  YOU do all the hard work.

Not only that, but once you’ve sent him that customer, you have no way to make any more money from them.

But the product owner can promote to that same customer again, and again, and again … all the time keeping 100% of the profits from each additional sale.

With the Rankings Institute you have the potential to generate an enormous amount of free traffic … BUT, if you’re just sending it to an affiliate site, it’s like buying a speedboat when you live in the desert … it’s just a waste.

To really build a profitable business, you need to send all that free traffic to products that you own, to customers that you keep.

The best way to do that is to build out your own products in profitable niche markets.  And again, if that’s something you want to do, but aren’t sure how, then our special bonus package will help you with that in order to maximize what you get out of the Rankings Institute program.

If you know you want to get the course, you can click HERE.  Or if you want to check out our bonus package too, you can do that on THIS page.

Hope this helps!