Millionaire's Apprentice from Michael Cheney Review

Millionaire’s Apprentice – Results from Michael Cheney’s Program

Are you interested in learning more about Michael Cheney’s Millionaire’s Apprentice program?

Before proceeding, be sure to view the video below to witness how Michael’s past program generated over a hundred thousand dollars:

Michael’s previous program had a price point of $1997, just like the Millionaire’s Apprentice. However, the return on investment was exceptional, with the program helping generate over $100k. I’m confident that you’ll see the value in investing in a program that has a proven track record of success.

If you’re ready to secure your spot before Michael shuts the doors, you can do so by clicking the link below:

Watch the video below and read more on this page to see what you get, in case you need a little more information before you decide to grab your spot before Michael closes the doors.

This video shows more:


Read more on the program from Michael below:

Here’s what you get in the Millionaire’s Apprentice program

Passive income made automatically in under 24 hours.
Get paid within 24 hours of joining, receive monthly payments for as long as those clients remain active and no training, learning or action required.

The money service that pays you without requiring any effort or action on your part.
Sit back and enjoy hands-free sales with 100% commissions on all sales across the funnel. Our proven, high-converting offers are bestsellers, and we even take care of the traffic for you!

For marketers who are pressed for time, we offer instant bestsellers that generate money quickly.
By leveraging our success, you can instantly gain credibility, authority, and status while bypassing 20 years of trial and error. Enjoy effortless sales without the need for any persuasion or proof on your part.

Get Easy Backend Sales That Pay You High Ticket Commissions
You get up to $1,000 per hands-free sale and swipe and deploy promos which do all the selling for you. Plus – high converting, automated follow-up emails done for you, which maximize your money.

BONUS #1 – 24-Hour Done-For-You Traffic And List
Included in your package is the 24 Hour Done For You Traffic And List service. We’ll promote your link to drive hands-free traffic and attract subscribers. We won’t be teaching you how to get traffic; rather, we’ll be doing it for you. This service alone is valued at $2,000 – a price you’d have to pay, at minimum, to acquire any of these components in today’s marketplace, or to build them yourself over years of experience.

BONUS #2 – 7-Day Guaranteed Traffic And Sales Explosion
For a full week, we’ll promote you relentlessly to our list, resulting in a flood of leads and sales. In addition to the increased revenue, you’ll gain immediate credibility and attract interest from other major partners who want to promote you. This service alone is easily worth ten times the entry fee.

BONUS #3 – Ten Thousand Per Month Blueprint
Our rapid roadmap to earning $10,000 per month is designed to provide you with the fastest profits and minimal hassle. It’s written in plain English and is newbie-friendly, making it impossible to fail.

BONUS #4 – Hands On Helpers Taking Care Of You (For Life!)
You also get On Helpers Taking Care of You (for Life!) worth a value of $2,000. This is not just any support. These are our full-time members of staff, some of which have been with me for well over 10 years. And they’re on standby to help you. If you get stuck, you reach out to them and they will create a personalised video for you to show you what to do. There’s a real-world value on this of $2,000. You won’t get this level of support anywhere else.

BONUS #5 – VIP Introduction To Cheney’s JVs
Get direct introductions to the celebrities of internet marketing. This will open doors for you to a whole new world of wealth and opportunity. Just imagine – one single introduction can easily be worth 6 figures for you!

BONUS #6 – Checklist – The Fast Track To $100,000 Per Month
These are straightforward, actionable steps that anyone can implement to rapidly scale their business from $10K per month to $100K per month. Follow these steps and you’ll be on the fast track to generating significant revenue.

BONUS #7 – How To Achieve Financial Freedom, And Get There Fast
Learn how to build sustainable parachute profits and make the leap to firing your boss in record time. You’ll also discover easy hacks for growing your business while still working.

BONUS #8 – How To Ease Your Partners’ Worries
This bonus is truly valuable as it includes a personal letter written by my wife, addressed to your own partner. In this letter, she shares her initial doubts, worries, and fears when I first started out, and how she was unsure if this business venture would work. However, she also reveals how her perspective changed and how glad she was to have supported me, as it allowed us to live the life of our dreams through the success of our internet marketing business. This letter is like a precious gem for you, as it can help you gain the support of your partner and have them by your side as you strive towards success. You will receive this letter as part of our bonus package, along with other valuable components.

Your 10k Per Month Guarantee
If, after implementing the system as we teach for 90 days, you haven’t made $10K or you feel like you’re missing something to scale up to $10K per month, I will work with you personally and one-on-one, free of charge until you do. You must follow all the steps in the program member’s area. This is an extraordinary offer because you’ll have a multimillionaire, that’s me, working for you to make you $10K per month. I wouldn’t make this guarantee if the program didn’t work. We have a 100% success rate because the program works and we’re very selective about who we accept. Everyone who joins makes sales, guaranteed, within hours of joining. If you follow the simple steps, you’ll make money. It’s paid by numbers. There’s no risk, uncertainty, or unknowns. Just implement the system and the money will come out the other side. It’s that simple.

Your Jaw To The Floor Guaranteed Sales Within 24 Hours Of Joining Guarantee
Yes. You are guaranteed to make your first sales with 24 hours of joining the Program. You must follow the simple steps (takes 10-15 mins max. to tell us where to send the money).

Frequently asked questions

Will this work even if I’m technically challenged?
Yes. Our program takes care of almost all the work for you and provides you with customers, leads, and commissions. Scaling beyond that may require occasional technical tasks, but don’t worry because our Hands-On Technical Helpers will be there to assist you every step of the way. So, rest assured that you will never be left alone to deal with any technical issues that may arise.

I can’t get traffic, will this work for me?
Yes. This program offers a kickstart for your traffic by driving it to your affiliate link with 100% commissions, without requiring any effort from your side. After that, if you want to take your business to the next level, we provide coaching on easy and scalable free traffic methods.

Will it make me money even though I’m not an expert?
Yes. You don’t have to spend 10,000 hours becoming an expert because you are getting to piggy-back on our proven track record, credibility and authority on the marketplace.

I jump from one thing to another. Can you still work with me?
Yes. You’ll get paid no matter what, even if you’re easily distracted. The initial part of the program is fully taken care of, so you don’t have to worry about being sidetracked. Additionally, I’ll be there to guide you every week during our live group sessions and keep you accountable. Furthermore, our team of expert Hands On Technical Helpers is always available to provide assistance or advice. We’ve got you covered.

I have little time, is that OK?
Yes. Compared to starting your own internet business from scratch, the answer would be different as we offer a lot of support. You’ll have access to instant bestselling products to sell as your own and keep all the profits. Additionally, we’ll provide you with traffic, leads, customers, and sales without requiring any effort on your part.

If I’m struggling, can I get help from you?
Yes. Similar to the philosophy of “No Child Left Behind,” we operate under a “No Person Left Behind” mentality. We are committed to ensuring your success, even if it means carrying you across the finish line. We will do whatever it takes to help you achieve your goals, whether it’s providing extra coaching, support, or guidance. Our ultimate goal is to see you succeed, and we won’t stop until we get there together.

Will it make me money, without having a product?
Yes. You won’t need to invest 10,000 hours to become a subject matter expert, as we provide you with our complete collection of bestsellers that you can sell as your own and keep 100% of the profits. Furthermore, we also offer you pre-made promotional materials that you can easily use to make sales.

Will this work without an active email list?
Yes. We assist you in building a mailing list, so you can do this even without one. We generate traffic for you, and we also promote an opt-in page to get you subscribers. Plus, we provide you with a template and drive traffic to that page on your behalf.

Can I get started quickly without a lot of hassle?
Yes. After accessing the member’s area, all you have to do is provide us with your payment details. From there, we will assist you in generating immediate passive income and begin marketing your products to increase your traffic, leads, and sales. Then, you simply need to follow the straightforward instructions and attend the live coaching sessions (or view the recordings) to take your business to the next level.

Will you be there to assist me at any time at all?
Yes. In the weekly live group coaching sessions, I am available for you to provide support. Moreover, inside the members area, you can click on a button to chat with one of our full-time support experts in real-time. We stand by our promise of leaving no person behind.

So I don’t need to do anything and can still get passive income?
Yes. You’ll receive commissions immediately, and as long as your clients stay members of the other program, you’ll continue to earn commissions. We also provide traffic generation support and assist you in creating your own email list.

Can I skip all the other tools and programs with this?
Yes. You don’t need software, expensive tools and any other programs to get great results with this.

Can I do this without publicly showing myself on screen?
Yes. We get it – you don’t want to be a media influencer or the “frontman” dancing around on Tiktok or whatever. No problem. Michael is the person doing all that for you so you don’t have to. By piggy-backing on our proven success, credibility and authority you get to keep all the money from all the sales (using the ready-made, DFY promos) and you are good to go. You can hide behind your computer and just collect the cash.

My partner doesn’t support me, can you help me?
Yes. When your partner lacks faith in your business and doubts your capabilities, it can be a challenging situation. But with this program, you will receive immediate sales that can serve as proof of your success. By acting quickly, you can also receive an exclusive bonus in the form of a handwritten letter from Michael’s wife addressed to your partner. The letter shares the inspiring story of how she stood by Michael, despite any doubts or challenges, and how their life is now filled with abundance, success, and opportunities.


Members who promote this program will also get plenty of bonuses, on top of all that useful training. These are bonuses that you should be taking advantage of if you are looking to make the most of your money.

It wouldn’t hurt, however, if you carefully think things through before going for a bonus offer before joining the program.

There’s no point merely getting more ‘stuff’ just for the sake of it. You will easily waste some precious physical memory if you avail of offers you do not really need. It could be worse, though, s you will probably end up overwhelmed with information and you end up not following the franchise.

When deciding on a bonus package, you want to find something that’s going to complement and enhance the Millionaires Apprentice package that you’re getting from Michael.

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