Digital Worth Academy from Sara Young + Andrew Hansen

Digital Worth Academy Review

If you’re on this page then you’ve likely seen the Digital Worth Academy webinars or videos from Andrew Hansen and Sara Young, right?

Frankly though, you might be surprised to find out that the Digital Worth Academy is not affordable for everyone. And that’s a good thing for a couple of reasons.

1) This means both Andrew and Sara won’t have to deal with multiple clients at the same time. To be fair, the price point is high enough that it’s going to attract people who are serious about making a real, life changing investment in their business. Andrew and Sara take care of their customers better than anyone else I know of in this marketplace and by keeping numbers small, it means you can get the support when you need it if you get stuck along the way.

2) The price point means that you’re actually more likely to be successful with this. Seriously. Now give this a serious thought… have you checked how many ebooks you currently have that you have purchased for only $7 but have not actually checked out its contents You have plenty, correct? To be honest most people wouldn’t miss that $7. Putting your hard earned money and investing it on such product will definitely you take an immediate course of action to guarantee your return of investment. Incorporate the Digital Worth Academy’s step-by-step course and the assistance that Andrew and Sara can offer and you will most likely get the results you need.

Who are Andrew and Sara?

Sara has taught countless people how to generate income within 3 HOURS of getting started. I know a few people who have been attempting for 3 YEARS!)

In fact, their previous training course yielded one of the highest number ever of students earning profit with this program.

Together, they’ve acquired more than 23 years experience in marketing and teaching others.

Andrew Hansen and Sara Young are the brains behind Digital Worth Academy but this isn’t their first rodeo.

From 2007 Andrew has taught students how to build $5,000-$10,000 monthly affiliate sites with an absolutely free traffic. Lately, he was able to get close to 200,000 visitors per month for his primary website using organic (free) traffic.

She’s also a mother to 7 (yes, SEVEN) kids and beyond being Superwoman she’s helped thousands of students to generate income online.

(Full disclosure – not everyone got results with it, but that doesn’t mean the training didn’t work. You can very much compare it to a person who has purchased all the diet books but has not actually achieved their target weight. Some people just love cheeseburgers too much

Digital Worth Academy is their newest cutting-edge program set to do a lot better than their past program.

What is in Digital Worth Academy?

There’s a lot in the Digital Worth Academy but the good thing is that it’s broken down into bitesize chunks and there is ALWAYS great support with these guys – both from Andrew and Sara themselves, as well as from the members forums and private facebook groups.

Here is what we know about the course:

1 – The Digital Worth Academy Course Material

Just follow along and you’ll be able to build your own massively profitable digital asset, even if you have no experience starting out.

You’re going to get lifetime access to everything in the Digital Worth Academy course. Seven different sections that features 30 separate modules is what you will find in this course right now. In total there are more than 150 training videos that are filmed in an “over the shoulder” method so you get to see exactly what Andrew and Sara are doing at each step of the way.

2 – The Digital Worth Academy Coaching

Andrew and Sara created the training programs and one of the great things about it is that they are really building a community of similar people who all strive to support each other and reach their success.

There will be live webinars (with replays) as well as one-to-one chats, a dedicated support desk to help you as well as forums where you can interact with both the teachers and other students.

In addition to having lifetime access to all of the training materials, Andrew and Sara – along with their team of specialist coaches – are also going to be coaching you to take you step-by-step through the process. This way you get the complete support that you need and you’re not just left to go it all alone.

3 – Commission Searching Software

They want to help you easily find different types of opportunities in the digital asset space so they are going to include their Commission Wizard (Version 2) software for you.. Andrea and Sara use this same tool to recognize those financial opportunities to expand their digital assets here and there.

4 – Software for Keyword Research

One of the elements involved in building a site that gets a lot of free traffic from the search engines is knowing what search phrases people are typing into Google. What you need to look for are search phrases or keywords that do not have a lot of competition but are popular. It sounds difficult because it really is. Andrew and Sara will do the hard work for you, so you do not have to worry about exerting too much effort, especially because they will add a software tool that will do all the hard work.

5 – Software for Profit Calculating

Building a business just to understand that it was a misuse of your opportunity can be an extremely terrible ordeal since you have officially invested energy and cash building in it. With this software that you can find in your Digital worth Academy membership, you will instantly be able to determine whether a market is lucrative or an oversaturated market. Remember Fidget spinners anyone?

6 – Society of Digital Worth Academy Learners

Andrew and Sara are truly amazing at building a community of people who are working through the course together and Digital Worth Academy will be the same. Not only will you get to network with others who can help you in your business, but often you’ll generate new friends online who will continue to help you long after the initial training is over.

7 – Digital Worth Academy Exclusively Outsource Staff Rolodex

This is possibly one of the most underrated, but most valuable parts of the membership that youll be getting. The list of people who are totally checked and ready to do the work for you and make things easier on you is what you will get access to. If you do not have time to do the hard work, then you can get someone else to do it for you. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

Does Digital Worth Academy come with a guarantee?

Within 60 days of purchase, you can contact them and every penny you invested will be returned to you.

Unless they were sure that most people were going to get excellent results with it, not many people would offer that especially on a product at the offered price point.

Andrew and Sara are certainly not the type of folks who will keep your cash in the event that you cannot use this course, because they will give you back your investment no questions asked.

Also, it looks like if you follow the training to build your own new business and still don’t get results they’ll buy your new business back from you for the price you paid to access the training. It seems like they are going to give you double your money back including the 60 day refund, and the ‘buy your business back’ for the price you paid to access.

Even with their no questions asked policy, they still have one of the lowest refund rates in the industry so that should tell you something about the high quality of their courses that very few people ever ask for their money back.

Feedback from Andrew and Sara’s students in the past:

“The support from other members via the FB group & forum is invaluable. I was quite nervous when spending the money to buy this course but I can see now what a huge opportunity I would have been missing out on. Now I have a successful blueprint to follow – I just need to keep to it and do the work. Without this, I’d still be floundering, guessing and in the slow lane to online success. Thanks guys!”

Rose Bobnic
Former Student

“Before I became one of Sara’s students I struggled through IM world trying to figure out what is working, what is not working, buying all the new shiny courses who were selling “overnight rich schemes”. Sara changed all that. She literally takes you by your hand and walks every step of learning and doing with you and with her teaching everything seems to be so easy. Thanks to her teaching I made my first web site and within 2 weeks I made my first sale on Amazon. If you’re willing to learn and earn in IM world – Sara is a real deal and buying her course and having her as a teacher is the one thing you would never regret! Thank you, Sara!”

Former Student

“Over the last five years I’ve blown through tens of thousands of dollars on scams and junk courses with no real substance. This program is the real deal and in my experience what they are doing with this course is unparalleled in the world of internet Marketing. ”

Don C
Former Student

“Trust is a big word. I trust you more than any other educator that I have come across on the internet. You’ve been there for me personally – time after time – just as you promised.”

Ann Tyson
Former Student

Other important Digital Worth Academy considerations

Here are the frequently asked questions about Digital Worth Academy and the answers to them:

1 – What other expenses are there?

Likewise they would like you to try, at least for a month, a really cool software tool that costs $37.

So after considering everything you need at the very least it will cost you no more than a hundred dollars for the year (that will be spending $2 more a week).

(To be honest if you’re not willing to spend $4/month in a business, then you should not be in any business at all.)

However, if you go this website called you need only pay less than $4 a month for web hosting PLUS you get a free domain as well.

You’re going to need some essentials just like any web based business course. Just like any internet based business course you’ll be needing a few elements. The first one is a domain name which costs about $12 from or You’ll also need to get web hosting which is about $5 a month.

2 – How much of my time is needed for this?

This is one of those things where the more time you can spend, the faster you’re likely to see results. Having said that, it is recommended that you should try to spend around an hour a day on this. It doesn’t have to be one hour every day. And if you can spend a few hours one day a week that’s going to be better than nothing.

The secret though is to keep on doing what needs to be done. If you feel like you don’t even have an hour a day, just think about how much time you spend on Facebook right now, or Netflix, or whatever. Wake up half an hour early and go to sleep half an hour later.

3 – I have no experience at this. Is Digital Worth Academy for me?

Sometimes it’s also an advantage to be a complete beginner as you’re forced to follow the steps exactly. Some people with a little more experience will often try to change the method or do their own thing, and ultimately end up getting really poor results.

Although it will be advantageous for you to have some experience it is not really a big deal if you have none at all because Digital Worth Academy is quite easy to follow.

4 – Will I be waiting long before I expect to get returns?

Realistically you’re going to want to give yourself 6 months to build things up to a suitable level.

I knew it.

Both Andrew and Sara have made it clear that you won’t get rich instantly when you use this method. The Digital Worth Academy allows you to invest on something for the long run, which can later on provide you with a constant monthly income

Yes, I know that sounds like a long time but imagine this… If you could spend 6 months, working in your spare time, to build a business that paid you an extra $5000 a month ($60,000 a year) for life, would you do it?

5 – What happens when I need their assistance later on?

Whether it’s through the live webinar coaching, the one-to-one chats, the members only forums or the private facebook community. They’ll have your back. Just like what the other Digital Worth Academy members expect.

By now, you should already have a clear idea of how Andrew and Sara provide support if you have been paying attention to what is written here.

6 – How long can I keep the training materials?

As a member of the Digital Worth Academy, you are given a lifetime access to its member only area. I know that Andrew and Sara also periodically record new videos and updates as/when needed and they give you all those updates for free as well.

Richard Legg’s 100k Apprentice Review

The $100k apprentice workshop is an online training event reviewing the system Richard Legg has used to generate a full time, multi-six figure income online ever since graduating from University.

More than 10 years ago, Richard was a full time student in Ireland working towards his degree in physics and astronomy.  To help with the costs of studying and living away from home, Richard was working part time but between the intense university schedule and his job, he spending some seventy hours a week either studying or working.

Like many people in a similar situation, he felt that there had to be an easier way to generate an income while spending less time and getting paid more for it.  There was no immediate answer but he kept researching and trying new methods until finally he found something that worked.

To start off with the results weren’t huge but the important thing was that the income he was getting from his internet business allowed him to quit the part time job he had.

The bigger advantage though was that he could actually spend less time on his internet business than he did at work and still make more money.  Over time he developed and refined this system to the point where he made his first $100,000 in his final year of college.

Unlike a lot of people teaching stuff online, Richard found that ‘boring’ things such as building systems and automating processes were the most important factors in being able to build a business that would grow quickly.

Fortunately when you’re using computers and the internet, it’s a lot easier to build these kinds of systems than it is with a traditional offline business.

You can imagine physicists don’t get paid that much so Richard had a choice of getting a physics job paying peanut, or continuing with internet marketing. Staying with internet marketing was an easy decision.

He went on to make his first million dollars less than 3 years after finishing his studies.

With just himself and a few outsource staff, Richard has had the freedom of being his own boss for more than a decade now.

More than 10 years on from when he graduated, Richard has generated hundreds of thousands of email subscribers and has helped thousands of people looking to start their own online business.

His physics background and analytical approach means he’s able to simplify complex systems and break them down to understandable methods.

Now Richard is sharing his secrets with his 100k Apprentice workshop so that you’ll be able to understand exactly how he’s able to build a list online and generate income from those leads.

Again, the system is powerful but simple, so with after a simple ten minute demonstration you’ll see how it works first hand and be able to use it.

What’s more, if you watch all of the training he’s also going to give you a complimentary pdf that you can download and keep to be able to implement the system multiple times for yourself.

And if you’re not a complete newbie you’ll still be covered as Richard is going to share some of his secret methods for increasing conversions and profits in your online business.

For more information and to register for the free training, just visit this link:

Check out Affiliate Marketing Mastery Reviewed

AMM (Affiliate Marketing Mastery) has been up for some time now, and Stefan J. Pylarinos certainly works on the double to make sure it’s up-to-date. New content comes up over time, keeping the whole thing rife with new exclusive information.

He will provide plenty extras along with membership to the AAM website from which you will get to receive new content over time, and we’re talking about just a few days . Such content includes multiple training videos at a time, some of which provide information on the latest IM trends and also how you should use those to your favor.

This money-making system emphasizes brand building, and it really shows in the information detailed in the training course.

If you have been browsing the World Wide Web for quite a while, you probably have encountered the term “affiliate marketing”. Now this is basically among the most accessible online money-making system at present, and surely does earn a good amount if you exert a lot effort into it. If you want to get in on the action yourself, just google for how-tos to get started.

IM courses often sell at low costs, and usually, these come with disappointingly slim information. The Affiliate Marketing Mastery, however, is pretty much the very opposite of these inexpensive and nearly useless marketing training courses. It’s expensive price tag may be very off-putting, but it does offer just enough information for the product’s cost.

Alternatively, you can pay for Stefan Pylarinos’ latest online marketing course, the Affiliate Marketing Mastery or AMM. This product’s price tag might turn you off early on . However, from what we’ve seen so far, It’s worth trying.

Stefan J. Pylarinos is a veteran Internet marketer who has broad experience when it comes to affiliate marketing. He will reveal a part of his wealth of knowledge in The Affiliate Marketing Mastery or AMM. AMM is a proven affiliate training that will be showing you how you ought to make the most out of online affiliate marketing with a brand-building approach.

Stefan J. Pylarinos is Internet marketer with a lot of knowledge in various online business fields. All these can be seen in his latest IM training, the Affiliate Marketing Mastery. You likely are thinking that the AMM is just another one of those run-of-the-mill Internet marketing courses. That certainly is a mere myth, but that will likely come off your head the moment you notice the price tag and the of the product.

Stefan definitely had entered so much work and many years of knowledge into this training course, showing us more than just promoting products. He covers more than just affiliate marketing, emphasizing building your brand for longer term results.

Jeff Walker’s PLF looks set to be another record breaker this November

Product Launch Formula, judging from what we have seen, should be very helpful to people who are having difficulty with their product launches. It covers the fundamentals of Web marketing and marketing overall, which covers the fundamentals including building lists and influencing your audience. This acts as an appetizer to the main part, which is Jeff’s very own launch blueprint. The guide, meanwhile, does not begin and end with just the launch’s execution; it will also cover the initiation of your business and the delivery your product in order to give actual value to your buyers.

If there’s one thing that Jeff Walker knows when it comes to getting great profits from your merchandise, it’s the fact that your product launch needs to have an impact. A product launch has to be promoted enough such that a huge audience of buyers shows up on that day. Jeff explains how this can be made possible in the Product Launch Formula. Coming with swipe files and other marketing materials, he is going to practically guide you into a profitable product launch. Well, Jeff Walker has the credential, and you can trust him to guide you through the whole process.

With over 400 million dollars in sales attributed to the Product Launch Formula course, it has helped countless entrepreneurs launch brand new businesses and grow existing ones.

For anyone with an online business, this November sees the relaunch of one of the internet’s most famous courses – Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula.

For anyone doubting how well the techniques work, Jeff has used them himself to generate millions of dollars in a single launch.

Now what is Product Launch Formula? What should we look forward to it? Basically, this is a video training where Jeff is going to show you the specific strategy that he had used to release his own products. He does this in quite in-depth, step-by-step way, and he will put everything to detail from the proper launch sequence to the pages where you should publish notice on your launch. To boot, this comprehensive training is package with Jeff’s own swipe file that you can put to use to hype up your upcoming product.

Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula isn’t your usual e-commerce course, wherein you only have to learn the basics of launching a product. With this course, Jeff will be showing us own methods to efficiently raising the interest for your upcoming product such that you make massive amount of money on its launch. The training will reveal all these in a step by step manner, and you’ll find it necessary to read through every step with care. This should let you perfectly replicate Jeff’s personal success with his product launches.

Certainly, an offer’s success on the Internet starts from its very launch. How well it does as soon as it is released tells how profitable it will be for you. Hype plays a great part here, to be followed by the product’s delivery. Jeff Walker certainly knows this, and in his Product Launch Formula, he is about to be going well beyond the basics of a profitable launch . He has so many tricks up his sleeve, and he’ll be teaching you the ones that should help you come up with a product launch that will make your product leave a good first impression– and, of course, big earnings on the very first day.

If you want to get the Product Launch Formula course but aren’t quite convinced yet, make sure to check out the link on this page. You’ll be able to read a full Product Launch Formula review as well as possibly get access to a rare bonus package valued at several thousand dollars.