Millionaire's Apprentice from Michael Cheney Review

Andrew Hansen + Constant Profits Club

After the massive success of the Rankings Institute, Andrew is following up with his latest course called Constant Profits Club.

In the Rankings Institute he partnered with Alex “SEO Killer” Miller, and for this latest course he’s teaming up with another fantastic marketer – Sara Young.

Sara has been extremely successful as a marketer and her reputation is as squeaky clean as Andrew’s so this is looking to be another great partnership between two top class marketers.

If you’re looking for more information on the Constant Profits Club, the details are a little slim at the time of writing. ¬†However once we learn a little more, we’ll be putting together a full review of the course as well as a special bonus package for anyone who grabs it too.

While you’re waiting for that, you can always check out the video below which shows a sneak peek of what you can look forward to from the Constant Profits Club and the team of Andrew and Sara.