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Improve Your Website’s Search Engine Ranking With Social Signals

Do you own a website? Perhaps, you must be worried about your website’s search engine ranking. Apparently, there are several strategies that have been adopted by businesses men to increase online visibility of their websites.

Most strategies have proved to boost the SEO ranking substantially, but that doesn’t mean you should not try the other ones. Social signals have created a new buzz in the SEO market.

They have been adopted by many website owners for their superior nature that helps boost SEO techniques. The main question is how do social signals play a major part in SEO?

According to the current SEO trend, it seems that if you want your website to rank high in Google then you certainly need to pay close attention to social signals.

Use of Social signals has proved to be a valuable and effective strategy to boost SEO ranking.

In this post, we’ll discuss the nature of Social signals and how they actually affect the search engine ranking.

An Introduction To Social Signals

So what exactly are social signals? How do they affect your website’s search engine ranking? Let’s find out the answers to these questions in this section.

Social signals are certain tools that are used to make people aware of the existence of a business or a website through social sites such as Facebook, Yelp, Twitter and so on.

The basic purpose is to make the business accessible to maximum people. Social signals can be described in form of a Facebook fanpage, link of a social page or just a tweet.

In simple words, social signals can include a page describing the nature of your business and products you have to offer. You can interact with people through your Facebook page on a regular basis and request your target audience or customers to like and share it.

A lot of businesses and startups have started using this strategy to boost the number of their followers and website’s rank. Incorporating social signals in your marketing and advertising strategies can help you in many other ways than just improving the rank.

Why And How Do Social Signals Improve Rankings?

Well, a lot of people have been debating on this particular question for a very long time now. But at the end, it has been proved that social signals have indirect, as well as direct impact on organic search engine ranking.

Let’s take a look at some pointers that directly impact the ranking of a website through social signals.

– Number of users you have in your circles

– Amount of tweets you make on a daily basis, including a link to your website

– How many followers you have on Twitter

– How many likes and shares you have on Facebook page

– How many people take active part on your Facebook page.

These were some direct examples that impact the ranking of your website as a whole.

On the other hand, indirect impact includes repeated visitors to the site, amount of time spent on the website, decrease in bounce rate, high number of positive reviews on social sites, increased citations and inbound links.

All these things ensure that your business enjoys improved brand awareness and online visibility. More to add, improved brand awareness and online visibility always shows positive impact on the bottom line.

With that being said, if you really want to work towards getting extremely high online visibility for your business, you must consider social signals seriously. Advertisers have already diverted their ways to social networking sites and so should you.

Social signals are an economical and effective way to boost the reputation and ranking of a business. The market for SEO is continuously changing and keeping up the pace directly signifies success.

As we all know that the content on the internet spread nothing like a fire, especially when people publish negative content on social networking sites such as Digg, Twittter, etc. Such acts not only harm your company’s image, but also cause loss of business and growth opportunities. Apparently, it is necessary to manage a good online reputation to survive in the market.

There are a huge number of resources available that can help you find the sources of negative comments being posted about your company. You can try to keep a track of these sources and prevent yourself from getting negatively ranked.